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Versatile and safe, our products can be used on your entire body ----- from head to toe.

Nourishment for the Entire Body

Gently cleanse your face, body, and hair with our soap which is rich in natural moisturizers and high-quality vegetable oils, and your skin will be immensely replenished and deeply moisturized. Just using our soap makes good basic skin care.
Natural Moisturizer:
Beautifully scented with herbal extracts, our skin lotion is formulated to nourish the skin. Apply our skin lotion on your whole body and your skin will be deeply moisturized and velvety smooth.
Organic Wax:
Our organic wax provides intensive treatment and comfort for the skin while creating an invisible veil to retain moisture. You can also use this as hair wax to give lasting hold to your hair. All of our products have multiple uses.
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Product Policy

The word, "cosmetics" is built on the Greek root kosmos, meaning order and harmony. Since people in ancient times regarded something in order and harmony as beautiful, kosmos also developed another meaning: beauty. We firmly believe that cosmetics should not only help us maintain our physical and spiritual beauty, but also help us keep our life in harmony with the universe and nature. We are determined to provide products reflecting this belief for people all over the world. We produce versatile cosmetics only with natural ingredients that are safely absorbed by the skin, so that you can take care of your whole self (hair, face, and body) with MOONSOAP products.

Using our original formulations and methods that can fully exploit the potential of plant-based ingredients, we manufacture products that contain no artificial surfactants and preservatives, or petroleum-based ingredients. We aim to enhance the quality of air, water, and soil by using as many organic plants, wild herbs, and fair trade products as possible. None of our products are mass-produced. We make every product by hand while treating all the people involved in the production with care and respect.

The History of MOONSOAP

The founder hit on the idea of making soap only with natural ingredients, when she felt fed up with conventional shampoos that constantly irritated her skin. It was when she was in her twenties and worked as a programmer until late every night. The soap she first made with vegetable oils opened her eyes to the excellent properties of plant-based ingredients. Her hand-made soap solved her chronic skin problems as well as leaving her hair luxuriously silky and shiny.

This experience prompted her to embark on the development of cosmetics that would fully exploit the potential of plant-based ingredients. And finally, she managed to produce "WORLD SOAP", the first product line of MOONSOAP.


Some years before she first conceived of MOONSOAP, she studied agriculture and chemistry at university, going knowledge she would later find indispensable knowledge for developing natural cosmetics. During these years, she also worked part-time as a cook at a Thai restaurant where she acquired good communication skills in Thai. Then one day she had an opportunity to talk with Thai women who had been making soap in a tranquil village in northern Thailand, a treasure trove of medical herbs and organic oils. Encountering with these Thai women eventually led her to establish MOONSOAP.

Inspiration for MOONSOAP products has come from the founder's everyday life. What she has seen while travelling abroad and living in Japan with its four distinct seasons, and what she has felt while nursing her children ------ all of these become the essence of the MOONSOAP products.

The Founder's Words

My first handmade soap provided glimpses of the potential of plant-based ingredients. It was incredibly creamy and left my skin fresh, replenished and radiant. I had never felt like that with any commercial beauty soaps.

This led me to learn that the seed is the essence of life and that the colors and smells of plants come from hormones and sap, which stimulate cell metabolism. However sophisticated petroleum products are, we cannot eat any of them. Only natural ingredients can offer the nourishment our body truly needs. Since our skin absorbs much of what we put on our body, it is truly important to use cosmetics free from harmful chemicals.

We commit ourselves to pouring tremendous energy into developing products that fully exploit the potential of plant-based ingredients. This is because our greatest wish is to enhance the health and wellbeing of people through our fantastic natural body care products.

Miogi Takii

For International Buyer

All our products can be used for skin and hair. Skin Lotion, Body butter, and Organic hair styling wax etc. Individual hair salons are welcomed.

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